The Biggest Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Plane

There is no luxury greater or more useful than that of owning your own plane. It’s a luxury that doesn’t come cheap and can require a lot of upfront work. That being said, it’s still worth it. Don’t believe us? Well, here are some of the biggest perks of owning your own plane.


Owning an airplane can be expensive. There is no way around that fact. Still, it’s worthwhile to weigh both the costs and the benefits when considering whether or not to purchase your own plane. If, for example, you travel a lot for work, you can likely offset the costs of plane ownership by how you use it. In fact, you’ll typically spend significantly less on a per-flight basis if you own the plane than if you’re taking commercial flight. In addition to the cost of the plane itself, you will need to pay for annual aircraft insurance, periodic maintenance, aircraft management, and, of course, hangar fees. Some planes allow for payment plans, allowing you some flexibility on the upfront costs.


Another perk of owning your own plane is the convenience factor. There are a variety of problems that typically come along with commercial flights. If you’re not in first class, you’re sure to have to wait in line after line. A line to get through the airport. A line to board the plane. A line to get off the plane. And a line to get your bags. It’s enough to make your head spin. This is even true, although less so, for those in first class.

Flying private allows you to avoid many of these time-consuming complications. You can arrive at the FBO or private airport just a few minutes before your scheduled departure and there is no worry about missing the flight. There are no lines to worry about and no TSA searching you or your bags. If you decide to arrive early, FBOs and private airports usually have fabulous accommodations and amenities.

Spontaneous Trips Are No Problem

When you own your own plane, the world is your oyster. Spontaneous trip with the family to the Bahamas? How about a business venture to the UAE? Or a weekend trip to Vegas with the boys? Regardless of where you’re going, you get there faster and with less hassle if you’re traveling via your own plane. Getting your own plane ready to go is far easier than trying to book a last minute commercial flight, particularly if you will not be traveling alone. In some cases, there may not be enough seats left and the tickets will always be much cheaper than if you book in advance.

Traveling Made Fun

The final major perk of owning your own plane is that you get to enjoy flying whenever you want. One of the most common reasons people buy their own planes is that they themselves love flying. They are either professional pilots or airplane hobbyists. Flying is truly one of the most fun, rewarding, and enjoyable experiences life has to offer. Also, knowing how to personally pilot your own plane just makes things even easier and more convenient than they would be if you needed to employ your own private pilot and or attendants.

Owning Your Own Plane

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