The Six Locations in Europe with the Best Aerial Views

There are about 50,000 pilots in the UK alone. Europe has long been an important center of aviation and innovation, and has an impressive legacy, including the first jet.  There are a lot of good places to fly a plane in and around Europe, so it was hard to narrow this list to just six. But as your go-to guys for all things aeronautical, we want to show you some of the best places to fly across the pond.

Bourtange, Netherlands

What could be so special about a sleepy little hamlet with a population of less than 500 people? Well, aside from being tucked into the beautiful Dutch countryside, it’s also home to Fort Bourtange.

Fort Bourtange was built during the Dutch Revolution. It is a star fort, and unlike any other architectural achievements that you have ever seen. While you can see it from the ground, the only way to appreciate it is from the air.

Chiatura, Georgia

Katshki Pillar

No, this city is not close to Atlanta. It is on a different continent, and it is nestled between the mountains and the banks of the Qvirila River. While the rolling hills and valleys provide a lot to witness, the main attraction is the Katskhi pillar, 5 km away from the city. Georgian monks built a church on top of a limestone column, and it resides 130 feet from the ground. The only way you can truly appreciate this is in the air.


The Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands

You are going to want to bring a jacket for this trip. Strike that, you are probably going to have to bring several jackets. This archipelago is at a higher latitude than Juneau, Alaska, but those who make the trip will find it more than worth it.

You can see the stunning coast, view the impressive fjords, and fly over a few small Norwegian towns as you take in the views. Once you land, you can get up close and personal with history – the largest Viking longhouse ever found has been recreated in Borg.


Bollenstreek, Netherlands

The “Flower Strip” seems like it is ripped from a painting and splashed across the Dutch countryside. The Netherlands is responsible for 70% of the world’s commercial flower output, and nowhere is that more visible than here. When you look down from your plane or helicopter, you will find gorgeous streaks of reds, yellows, and orange as you soar across mile after mile of tulips.


Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is a nice city, but you are not here to eat chocolate. You are here to take in the views of Lake Zurich and the Alps. Mountain flying has its own challenges, and it is a good idea to consider your skill level before you venture to Switzerland. Make sure you know what you should and should not be doing while flying your planes over the mountains.


Salzburg, Austria

The Six Locations in Europe with the Best Aerial Views Featured Image #4 (Hohensalzburg Castle)

This ancient city is the home of the Hohensalzburg Castle, one of the largest structures that medieval Europe ever built. The castle is located on top of a hill that is 500 meters high, and overlooks the city. From a helicopter or a plane, you can look over it, and enjoy a view that you just could not get back in the States.

Menton, France

The “Pearl of France” is located just a stone’s throw away from the Italian border. Here you can find the Lemon Festival, the house where the poet William Butler Yeats passed on, and most of all, truly stunning view of the French Riviera.

The city was once a bustling port, and a pass or two over the city will reveal a town that is bursting with life. But if you fly along the coasts, you will get to see white sandy beaches, the old fishing villages, and a few things that are even more fun if you feel like flying close to the ground.

Did your favorite spot to fly make the list? Tell us in the comments. If you are looking to buy aircraft online, check out our listings today. We want to get you flying over these pretty places.

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