The Five Best Airshows in the United States

The Five Best Airshows in the United States

The Five Best Air Shows in the United States

Airshows have become very common in the United States. Every single year, people flock to hundreds of different air shows all around the country. It was hard to narrow down the best five air shows in the United States, but as a site that has Aircraft for Sale, we wanted to help you out. Check out our rundown below.

#5 Wings over Houston

Wings over Houston has been running for over 30 years, which makes it one of the oldest airshows in the country. Their legacy is easy to see. Houston is Rocket City, and many Space Age era planes are on display.

If you want to see vintage warplanes, Wings over Houston is the place to be. They have numerous WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War era aircraft that the little ones will enjoy. Then there is the airshow itself. There are a few featured slots, as well as jet team flying.

If you are in the Lone Star State, you need to check this one out. If you are not, we would recommend flying down to see it. This event takes place in late October at the Ellington Airport, in Houston. You will be saying: “Houston, we don’t have a problem.”

#4 The Florida International Airshow

Head on down to Punta Gorda, Florida in October to see one of the most exciting air shows in the United States. The US Army Golden Knights will descend with parachutes, and may feature their recently formed canopy swoop team.  The United States Air Force F-35 Heritage Flight Team will be in attendance as well, showing off their capabilities and the latest and greatest in military tech.

In addition, you can spot classic airplanes like the  P-51 Team, Korean War era Corsair F-4Us, and many more. This year, they started a 5K race. Air show tickets come with registration, so you can fly through the finish line and then see a spectacular show.

#3 The American Heroes Airshow

This one really stands out in large part because it is only helicopters. This event takes place in June, and travels around the country, so you will have to keep a sharp eye out. You can find military, fire, and police aircraft on display. This airshow is definitely worth a look.

#2 The Reno Air Races

This is not a traditional airshow, but it is still a sight to behold. Airplanes streak, twist, and zoom above the Nevada desert as they vie for first place. There will be biplane, jet, and sport class races, among many others. The pilots are all incredibly skilled, and they put their talents on display on the difficult course.

There are more traditional airshow displays, including a demonstration by the A-10 Heritage Team, a display by the Texas Flying Legends, and a B-2 fly-by. If you want to see some of the finest exhibits in aviation, head to Reno in mid-September.

#1 EAA Airventure

The last week of July in Oshkosh will have you saying “oh my gosh.” This is one of the largest, if not the largest, airshow in the world. Attendance in 2017 topped out at 590,000+, and the fun goes on for an entire week.

There is no shortage of events. There is a 5k race, a parade, aerial aerobatics, workshops, the Blue Angels, and about one hundred more events. This is one of the few airshows that combines aerial flying with fireworks, and the sky lit up is truly unique. You can find more than 10,000 aircraft of all different sizes, colors, and configurations.

For one week, the Oshkosh airport control tower becomes the busiest in the world. In 1961, they tracked over 10,000 aircraft movements. We cannot even guess how many they track now.

What is your favorite airshow? If you have any questions about airshows, aircraft, or buying online, contact us today. Aircraft Sales is run and maintained by pilots. Listing your aircraft on our site may help you get the next sale.

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