Why Selling Your Airplane Online is the Wave of the Future

79% of American consumers shop online. This represents a massive growth from only two decades ago, where only 22% of people shopped on the internet.  The positive trend is strong, and from all indications, it is here to stay.

At AircraftSales.us, we have the inside scoop. As a site that has already helped people buy aircraft, we know that buying and selling airplanes online is the future. Keep reading to learn more on how we discovered that the internet is the ultimate strategy to market your aircraft.

Everyone is Looking

In 2017, 1.66 billion consumers made a purchase online. There are currently around 7.6 billion people on Earth. Some quick math reveals that approximately 20% of the population wants to buy something online. This is a massive figure. People around the globe are searching right now. Sometimes, it is only a matter of being found.

You Can Find International Buyers

With the emergence of the internet, the world became smaller. Back in the day, your best option for selling an airplane was printing up an ad and sticking it on the notice board at your airfield. It was entirely possible that Steve from the next town over wanted that plane, but relying on that is not the best proposition. Going through a broker was another route, which was not always a bad one. Yet, commission could eat into your price and a broker may not be looking at the international market.

Now, you can find buyers from all over the world. You do not have to rely on Steve from down the road. Jan from Warsaw and Zhang Wei from Shanghai might want your aircraft. The internet connects people. Brazil is likely to have 94.6% digital buy penetration by 2021, India will have a digital buyer penetration rate of 70.7% in 2020, and China already has 730 million internet users. Listing your aircraft online may be the only way to reach them.

You Can Gauge the Market a Little Bit Better

If you are selling a plane, chances are that you have a grasp on how much it is worth. When you look online, though, you can see what similar planes or helicopters are going for. This can help you more precisely hone in on the perfect price. Should you have the inclination, you can do some analytics to find certain bits of information, such as mean and median selling price, or find correlations between specific features and prices.

Pilots are Technology Inclined

If you dropped a pilot from the 50s into a modern aircraft, they might think that a present-day plane was equipped to go to the Moon. GPS means that pilots always have up-to-date information about their course, and constant communication lets pilots know if they are flying into a storm.

It is imperative that pilots know how to operate their aircraft safely should their equipment malfunction, of course, but that does not change the fact that Garmin Pilot has more than 100,000 installs, similar to the Avare app. (Garmin Pilot and ForFlight are the two major apps.)

Pilots love to know. Wisdom and knowledge are foundation of exceptional pilot skills. For this reason pilots use the Internet every single day to share information, look at forecasts, and read the learn everything there is to know about the aircraft they fly. While pilots will often flip through the magazines, learning what they can and seeing what’s out there, when it comes time to buy they are going online. Online advertising offers vastly more information that can be listed in print.

At AircraftSales.us, we take digital advertising very seriously. We want to make buying and selling airplanes BETTER. Look around our site and you will see why listing your aircraft with us is a no-brainer. Join us in out pursuit of BETTER, list your aircraft today.

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