2018 Honda HONDAJET

  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 1
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 2
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 3
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 4
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 5
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 6
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 7
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 8
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 1
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 2
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 3
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 4
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 5
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 6
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 7
  • 2018 Honda HA-420 NTBD 8

General Description:


The HondaJet is the most advanced light jet in its class with cruise speed of 420 knots, range of over 1,200 nautical miles and 43,000 service ceiling. Come out and experience the quiet cabin, efficient fuel burns and extraordinary performance of HondaJet.


Avionics / Radios:


Garmin G3000 next generation, all-glass avionics system
Class-leading layout with three (3) 14-inch landscape-format displays
Dual touch-screen controllers for overall avionics and system management
Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)
Single Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Receiver

Single Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) Receiver

Radar Altimeter
Crew Seats- Leather Upgrade
Cockpit/Cabin Divider Curtain
Portable Breathing Device
Smoke Goggles
Jeppesen ChartView
Dual Extended Squitter Transponders and ADS-B Out
TAWS Class A
Sythetic Vision
XM Weather Datalink
Maintenance Recorder Wi-Fi Data Link
Surface Watch

Additional Equipment:


Executive seating for four in classic club configuration and single side-facing seat
Fully adjustable leather seats, and stowable executive table
Nose compartment: 9 cubic feet of space, externally accessible
Aft compartment: 57 cubic feet of space, externally accessible
66 cubic feet of combined stowage

Executive Seat Upgrade-Upgrades four main cabin seats to leather, installs inboard armrest and under-seat storage
LH Executive Table-Installs LH stowable executive table
LH Storage Cabinet- Installs a storage cabinet in the LH forward cabin with navigation chart binder storage; soda can storagel and snack storage drawers
RH Forward Side-Facing Seat- Installs belted side-facing seat to RH forward cabin area
Refreshment Center Face Upgrade- Replaces standard cabinet faces in the RH refreshment center and LH chart center
Electric Pleated Shades-Replaces electrochromatic windows with pleated shades for each window
Main Cabin Floor Trim Upgrade-Adds illuminated blue HondaJet logo trim piece on each floorboard
Universal Power Outlets for Forward Facing Seats-Installs 3 AC electrical power outlets for carry on devices. One outlet at each forward facing seat and refreshment center
Personal Storage Compartments-Installs four storage compartments at each main cabin seat
Solid Aft Cabin Door-Adds pocket door between the LH and RH aft main cabin divider
Externally Serviceable Toilet-Replaces standard toilet with upgraded externally serviceable lavatory
Sink with Running Water-Installs a sink with infrared activated water, includes vanity mirror and lighting

Aircraft Exterior:


Honda Signature Scheme in Blue, Red, Silver, Yellow, or Green

External Quantity Fuel Gauge-Digitally totalizes fuel in all tanks for complete fuel readout
Speed Brakes-Adds clamshell speed-brakes in the fuselage tailcone with associated control in cockpit

Aircraft Interior:


Parchment or Moonlight interior
Life Vests- Requires Executive Seat Upgrade option

Logbooks Available?

Fuel Efficiency (mpg US):5.34
Per Seat Efficiency:32.04
Years Aircraft Manufactured:2015-current
Seating Options:6
Retail Low Price:4850000
Wing Loading lb/sq ft:60lb/sq ft
Power Loading lb/hp:2.6lb/sq ft
External Length (FT):46 ft 6 in
External Height (FT):14 ft 9 in
External Span (FT):39 ft 8 in
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height):12 ft 1 in
Internal Width (Max/Floor):5 ft
Internal Height:4 ft 8.3 in
Baggage Area 1 Cubic Feet / Lbs:9 cu ft / 100 lb
Baggage Area 2 Cubic Feet / Lbs:57 cu ft/ 400 lb
Engine:GE Honda Aero HF120
Power Output / Flat Rating:2050 lbst
Engine(s) TBO (hrs):5000
Max Ramp Weight (LBS):10680
Max Takeoff Weight (LBS):10600
Max Landing Weight (LBS):9860
Zero Fuel Weight (LBS):8800
Empty Weight-BOW (LBS):7279
Max Payload (LBS):1521
Useful Load (LBS):3401
Max Fuel (LBS):2850
Max Fuel (Gallons):425
Avail Payload Max Fuel (LBS):551
Avail Fuel Max Payload (LBS):1880
TO Distance (SL @ ISA) FT:3934
Landing Distance (FT):3047
Certificated Ceiling:43000
SL Cabin Max ALT:23000
LRC Fuel Flow (lb/h):607
LRC Fuel Burn (In gph):89
Max Cruise Speed (KTAS):422
Aircraft Broker:Cutter Aviation
Aircraft Category:Airplane
Class:Multi-Engine Land
Propulsion Type:Jet
Range (NM):1388
Seats (Including Crew):6
High Speed Cruise (KTAS):422
HSC Fuel Burn (lb/h):610
HSC Fuel Burn (In GPH):91
Painted Year:2017
Exterior Rating:10
Interior Replaced Year:2018
Interior Rating:10
Condition:Factory New
Flight Rule Approval:IFR
Sale Type:Sale

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • MPG: 5.34
  • MPG Per Seat: 32.04

Actual rating will vary based on flight conditions, aircraft features, and pilot operation. Values are for informational purposes only and as such are not intended for navigation or flight planning. Please consult the POH for actual values.

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