2011 Boeing BBJ

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2024 hours total time 532 landings




Wingspan 35.79M
Cabin Length 24.18M
Cabin Width 3.25M
Cabin Height 2.16M
Cabin Area 75.81M^2
Airframe Length 33.63M
Airframe Height 12.55M
Engine Thrust 27,300Lb
Range 11,547KM
Maximum Altitude 12,500M
Maximum Take Off Weight 77,564KG
Speed 1,004.56KM/H


The Boeing BBJ (Business Jet) is an ultra-long range twin-turbofan jet based on the Boeing 737 passenger jet, using the fuselage of the 737-700 with the strengthened wings and landing gear of the larger 737-800. The Boeing BBJ is also known as a Boeing model 737-700IGW (Increased Gross Weight). There is no sequential progression of serial numbers for the Boeing BBJ. Fuselages are taken at random from the Boeing 737-700 passenger jet production line and completed as BBJ’s by the addition of wings and landing gear from the 737-800 and winglets

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Logbooks available upon request.

Fuel Efficiency (mpg US): 0.66
Per Seat Efficiency: 2.64
Years Aircraft Manufactured: 1998 - current
Serial Number Range: 28579 - 33499 (up)
Seating Options: 153
Wing Loading lb/sq ft: 127.5
Power Loading lb/hp: 3.1
Noise(EPNdB): Takeoff/Sideline/Approach: 85.6/94.9/95.8
External Length (FT): 110.3
External Height (FT): 41.2
External Span (FT): 117.4
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height): 79.2/79.2
Internal Width (Max/Floor): 11.6/10.7
Internal Height: 7.1
Baggage Area 2 Cubic Feet / Lbs: 169/ - 1
Engine: 2 CFMI CFM56 - 7B27
Power Output / Flat Rating: 27300/ISA+15C
Inspection Interval: OC
Max Ramp Weight (LBS): 171500
Max Takeoff Weight (LBS): 171000
Max Landing Weight (LBS): 134000
Zero Fuel Weight (LBS): 126000c
Empty Weight-BOW (LBS): 97740
Max Payload (LBS): 28260
Useful Load (LBS): 73760
Executive Payload (LBS): 3800
Max Fuel (LBS): 71737
Avail Payload Max Fuel (LBS): 2023
Avail Fuel Max Payload (LBS): 45500
Avail Fuel Exec Payload (LBS): 69960
MMO: 0.82
Transition Altitude FL/VMO: FL 260/340
Cabin Pressurization (PSI): 9
TO Distance (SL @ ISA) FT: 6085
TO Distance (5000 @25C) FT: 10200
TO Distance Max: 170827
VREF: 116
Landing Distance (FT): 2360
Time to Climb / Alt: 25/FL 370
Certificated Ceiling: 41000
All Eng Service Ceiling: 38000
Eng Out Service Ceiling: 20500
SL Cabin Max ALT: 18500
LRC Fuel Flow (lb/h): 4707
LRC Specific Range: 0.096
HSC Specific Range: 0.084
Aircraft Broker: FlightSource
Aircraft Category: Airplane
Class: Multi-Engine Land
Propulsion Type: Jet
Make: Boeing
Model: BBJ
Total Time: 2024
Range (NM): 6260
Seats (Including Crew): 23
Year: 2011
High Speed Cruise (KTAS): 470
HSC Fuel Burn (lb/h): 5567
HSC Fuel Burn (In GPH): 813.89
Tail Number: VP-BOP
Serial Number: 40117
Engine 1 SMOH: 2024
Engine 2 SMOH: 2024
Painted Year: 2011
Interior Replaced Year: 2011
Condition: Excellent
Flight Rule Approval: IFR
Sale Type: Standard Sale

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • 0.66MPG
  • 2.64MPG Per Seat

Actual rating will vary based on flight conditions, aircraft features and pilot operation. Values are for informational purposes only and as such are not intended for navigation or flight planning. Please consult the POH for actual values.

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