1980 Cessna 182RG SKYLANE

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Registration: N37CG
Serial Number: R18201345
Airframe Time: 7530 Hours Since New (Airframe was overhauled at 4000 Hours by US Gov’t) 2008
Engine Time: 1632 Hours Since New on 260HP Alamo IO-540 D4B5 Lycoming STC
Propeller Time: 490 SPOH on C-431 McCauley three blade (2008)
Useful Load:  1002 lbs
Annual Due: January 2019


ADSB “in and out” Compliant
King KMA 24H Audio Panel #1
King KMA 24H Audio Panel #2
King KY 196A Digital Flip/Flop Com
King KY 196 Digiatl Flip/Flop Com
King KLN 94 Color Moving map IFR GPS (Coupled)
King KFC 200 Fully enabled Autopilot with Flight Director
King KI 252 Slaved HSI coupled to Flight Director
King KNS 81 RNAV
King KR 87 ADF with BFO and RMI
King KN 53 Digital Nav
King KN 64 Digital DME
King Avionics cooling fans
King KR 22 Marker Beacons
King 5934PA Standby Altimeter
Electroluminescent panel lighting
EDM 700 Graphic engine monitor
Remote ELT Arming Panel, 121.5 and Airtex ME 406
Lynx L3 NGT 9000+ ADSB in and out Transponder with GPS and WAAS, MODE S Color TouchScreen
(Lynx has TAS Active Traffic ATAS unlocked traffic with verbal warnings)
Remote Autopilot Disconnect
Electric Trim
“Go around” Button
Electric Trim
Digital Clock
WX 1000 Stormscope with GPS Information on screen


92 Gallon “wet wing”
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Factory Skylights
95 Amp alternator
Electric Standby vacuum Pump
Refueling steps and handles
Carb air temp guage
Wilco Gear mirrors
Rosen Sun Visors
Soros Air Vents
Passenger Wemac Vent system
Two types of ELT, Old 121.5 and new 407 MHZ systems
Precise flight pulse light system
Strobe lights
Heated pitot and stall warning vane
Pilot and Co-pilot Articulating Seats
Dual opening windows
Rear seat vents
BAS Shoulder Harnesses
Small raised gas caps
Static Wicks
Nav light detectors
Ground Service Plug
Factory Extended baggage area
Tail mounted rotating Beacon
Wingtip nav lights
Dual Landing Lights
Brackett Air Filter
Rudder Trim
Horizontal Strabilizer Abrasion Boots
Recent 500 hour Magneto AD complied with
New 28 volt Battery
LED Landing and Nav wingtip lights


Grey fabric and Velour. Grey carpets, Cream headliner. Some early signes of wear on pilot’s seat and the front carpet, but overall generally very good. Rated 7.5 out of 10.


Overall white with Grey major accent and burgundy minor accent in factory 1983 Cessna 1282 Scheme. Overall rated 8.5 out of 10.


This is one of the “Government RG’s” that we had about 5 years ago. We bought a package from The Gov’t back then. This one has had about 400 hours added to it since we had it and also a lot of good modern avionics upgrages including ADSB in and out.  This plane flew from Virginia to Placerville right across the US with one gas stop in Nebraska. These Alamo 260 HP Injected engines are fantastic in every way. See the perfomance sheet for  the numbers. These planes were manitained at no expense spared. They periodically get complete $100,000 airframe overhauls. the 260 HP engines are new when they are installed for $80,000. Always hangered, No damage, Complete logs since new,  Airframe was last overhauled in 2003 and there are 5 pages of logs to show what was done at that time.  No hail.



Logbooks Available?
Logbook Files:

N37CG Logs.pdf (application/pdf)

Fuel Efficiency (mpg US): 14.72
Per Seat Efficiency: 58.88
Years Aircraft Manufactured: 1978-1986
Seating Options: 4
Wing Loading lb/sq ft: 17.8
Power Loading lb/hp: 13.5
External Length (FT): 29 ft
External Height (FT): 9 ft 4 in
External Span (FT): 36 ft
Engine: Lycoming O-540-J3C5D
Power Output / Flat Rating: 235
Horsepower: 235
Max Ramp Weight (LBS): 3100
Max Takeoff Weight (LBS): 3100
Useful Load (LBS): 1002
Max Fuel (Gallons): 92
Avail Payload Max Fuel (LBS): 450
TO Distance (SL @ ISA) FT: 820
Landing Distance (FT): 600
Certificated Ceiling: 18000
Max Cruise Speed (KTAS): 156
Video URL: https://youtu.be/EoItBissm0s
Aircraft Broker: Skywagons
Listing Package: General
Aircraft Category: Airplane
Class: Single-Engine Land
Propulsion Type: Piston
Make: Cessna
Model: 182RG SKYLANE
Total Time: 7530
Range (NM): 845
Seats (Including Crew): 4
Year: 1980
High Speed Cruise (KTAS): 156
HSC Fuel Burn (In GPH): 12.2
Tail Number: N37CG
Serial Number: R18201345
Aircraft Location: California
Engine 1 SMOH: 1632
Exterior Rating: 8
Interior Rating: 7
Flight Rule Approval: IFR
Sale Type: Standard Sale

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • 14.72MPG
  • 58.88MPG Per Seat

Actual rating will vary based on flight conditions, aircraft features and pilot operation. Values are for informational purposes only and as such are not intended for navigation or flight planning. Please consult the POH for actual values.

All Specifications and Claims subject to Buyer’s verification.
Availability subject to prior sale and/or withdrawal from market without notice.

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