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  • N3031A-1
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  • N3031A-3
  • N3031A-4
  • N3031A-5
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  • N3031A-7
  • N3031A-8
1979 Turbo Lance – 3760 TT, 260 SMOH by Firewall Forward, Altimatic IIIC Altitude Hold Autopilot, HSI, Garmin 530W GPS, Garmin GNC-255A, Garmin GTX345 Transponder featuring ADS-B IN/OUT, GEM, FF, Turbo Plus Intercooler, LoPresti Speed Mods, LoPresti Zip Tips, Club Seating, Nice Paint and Interior!


3,760 Hours Total Time Since New


260 Hours Since Major Overhaul by Firewall Forward

Prop Specs

120 Hours Since Prop Overhaul


• Altimatic IIIC Autopilot with Heading Bug and Altitude Hold Features
• Collins Slaved H.S.I.
• Garmin 340 Audio Panel / 3 LMB / Intercom
• Garmin 530W GPS – (WAAS Enabled)
• Garmin GI-106A VOR/GS Indicator
• Garmin GNC-255A Digital Nav / Com
• Garmin GTX-345 Transponder – (ADS-B In / Out) – Featuring Traffic and Weather
• King KN-62 DME
• King KR-85 ADF
• Electronics International Engine Monitor featuring CHT / EGT/ TIT Information
• Electronics International Voltage/Amp
• Flow Scan 450 Fuel Flow Computer
• Dual Push to Talk / Bose connectors on crew seats
• Standby Electric Attitude Gyro – (Pilot Side)
• Electric Trim

Additional Equipment


• Inflatable Door Seal Modification.
• Top Cowl Louver Modification
• LoPresti Zip Tips with Rec Lights
• LoPresti Flap Gap Seals
• LoPresti Flap Hinge Fairings
• LoPresti Speed Spats
• LoPresti Hubba Caps
• Horizon Digital Tach
• Aero XO2 Portable 6-Place Oxygen System – (60 CF Bottle)
• Electric Stand-By Vacuum


• Vertical Card Compass
• 2-Speed Ventilation Fan
• Stand-By Altimeter – (Co-Pilot Side)
• External Power Plug
• Super Sound Proofing
• Rosen Visors
• Centri-Lube Camshaft Mod
• Static Wicks
• (6) Head Rests
• Davtron M877 Chronometer – (Digital OAT, Pressure Altitude, Voltage)
• Tow Bar
• Avionics Master Switch
• Aux Avionics Master Switch
• Tinted Windows
• Vertically Adjustable Crew Seats
• Analog G-Meter
• Ventilation Fan Blower
• Alternate Static Source
• Hobbs Meter
• Crew Sheep Skin Covers


White Base featuring Blue and Yellow Accents – (Custom Paint Scheme)


Dark Gray Leather accented featuring harmonizing side panels. The rear cabin features Club Seating, Side Window Curtains, and the Deluxe Refreshment Bar.

Inspection Status

ANNUAL DUE: October 2018

Logbooks Available?
Other Logbook Info:

Logbooks available upon request.

Fuel Efficiency (mpg US): 8.77
Per Seat Efficiency: 52.62
Wing Loading lb/sq ft: 20.6
Power Loading lb/hp: 12
External Length (FT): 29 ft
External Height (FT): 9.5 ft
External Span (FT): 32.8 ft
Internal Length (Overall/Net Height): 125 in
Internal Width (Max/Floor): 49 in
Internal Height: 49 in
Baggage Area 1 Cubic Feet / Lbs: 7 cu ft / 100 lbs
Baggage Area 2 Cubic Feet / Lbs: 17.3 cu ft / 100 lbs
Engine: Lycoming TIO-540-S1AD
Power Output / Flat Rating: 300
Horsepower: 300
Engine(s) TBO (hrs): 1800
Max Ramp Weight (LBS): 3615
Max Takeoff Weight (LBS): 3600
Max Landing Weight (LBS): 3600
Zero Fuel Weight (LBS): 2065
Useful Load (LBS): 1535
Max Fuel (LBS): 588
Max Fuel (Gallons): 98
Avail Payload Max Fuel (LBS): 947
TO Distance (SL @ ISA) FT: 1410
Landing Distance (FT): 1050
Certificated Ceiling: 20000
LRC Fuel Burn (In gph): 13.8
HSC ALT: 10000
Max Cruise Speed (KTAS): 189
Aircraft Broker: BarteltAviation
Listing Package: General
Aircraft Category: Airplane
Class: Single-Engine Land
Propulsion Type: Piston
Make: Piper
Total Time: 3760
Range (NM): 730
Seats (Including Crew): 6
Year: 1979
High Speed Cruise (KTAS): 173
HSC Fuel Burn (In GPH): 20
Tail Number: N3031A
Serial Number: 32R-7987018
Aircraft Location: Michigan
Engine 1 SMOH: 260
Condition: Excellent
Flight Rule Approval: IFR
Sale Type: Standard Sale

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • 8.77MPG
  • 52.62MPG Per Seat

Actual rating will vary based on flight conditions, aircraft features and pilot operation. Values are for informational purposes only and as such are not intended for navigation or flight planning. Please consult the POH for actual values.

All Specifications and Claims subject to Buyer’s verification.
Availability subject to prior sale and/or withdrawal from market without notice.

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