1979 Cessna 180K

  • N2821K 1
  • N2821K 10
  • N2821K 11
  • N2821K 13
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  • N2821K 1
  • N2821K 10
  • N2821K 11
  • N2821K 13
  • N2821K 14
  • N2821K 2
  • N2821K 3
  • N2821K 4
  • N2821K 5
  • N2821K 7
  • N2821K 12
  • N2821K 16
  • N2821K 17
  • N2821K 18
  • N2821K 19
  • N2821K 20
  • N2821K 22
  • N2821K 25
  • N2821K 26
  • N2821K 6


Registration: N2821K
Serial Number: 18053089
Airframe Time: 1397 Hours Total Time
Engine Time: 109 Hours SMOH on Texas Skyways O-520 (2500 TBO) 2015
Propeller Time: 109 SPOH on Hartzell “Buccaneer” three blade
Useful Load:  886 Lbs (Kenmore GW STC available for 390 Extra Lbs) Total 3190 GW (1276 Useful load)
Annual Due: December 2018


Second year of the 28 volt airplanes
Third year of the late style panel
Avidyne AMX Audio Panel with 3LMB
Avidyne 1FD 540 FMS/GPS/NAV/Com
Avidyne AXP 340 Mode S Transponder with ADSB
Avidyne Glide Slope
King KX 170B Analog Nav/Com
King KI 208 VOR/Localizer
EDM 830 Engine analyser with Fuel flow, EGT and CHT
True Airspeed indicator
Post lights
Digital Tachometer
12 Volt Power outlet


Factory Float Kit (Never on floats)
Stainless steel cables
“V” Brace in windshield
Factory Zinc Chromate Corrosion proofing
88 Gallon Long Range Fuel “Wet Wing”
Rosen Visors
BAS Inertia reel Shoulder harnesses
BAS Tailcone Lift Handles
Extended baggage
Six Place Seating
Middle row of seats is the quick release low backed bench
Ground Power Input
Six Bolt Clevelands wheels and Cleveland Brakes
Rudder Trim
Tailwheel Lock
Stainless Steel Screw Kit
Static Wicks
Wingtip Strobes
Refuelling Steps and Handles
Brackett Air Filter
Seaplane Exhaust
large Non-Congealing Oil Cooler
Heavy Case Engine
Strut Fairings
Jackscrew Access Panels
Rotating Beacon
90 Amp Alternator
Pilot Side Articulating Seat
Door Stewards
Horizontal Stabilizer Abrasion Boots


Original Cold weather fabric interior with some wear in the form of splits in the seats. Side pastic is all very good. Rear baggage cover is broken. Generally OK but needs a new interior to be up to the standard of the rest of the plane. Rated 6.5 out of 10.


Stunning very recent paint in factory 1979 Scheme and exceptionally high quality. Overall bright white with Red and black accents. Rated 10 out of 10.


One East Coast Owner since new. The father bought it and did not fly it very much.  The Son recently has restored it to what you see today and it is exceptional.  This plane literally has the “dream spec sheet” of No Damage, Float kit but never on Floats. Low time engine and airframe, Complete logs, no hail, no corrosion, new paint, excellent avionics, etc etc  These things never exist on the same plane and yet here she is.

Logbooks Available?
Other Logbook Info:

Logbooks available upon request.

Model Series:cessna 180
Fuel Efficiency (mpg US):11.59
Per Seat Efficiency:69.54
Years Aircraft Manufactured:1953-1981
Seating Options:2-6
Wing Loading lb/sq ft:16.1
Power Loading lb/hp:12.2
External Length (FT):25.75 ft
External Height (FT):7.75 ft
External Span (FT):35.8 ft
Engine:Continental O-470-S
Power Output / Flat Rating:230
Max Ramp Weight (LBS):2800
Max Takeoff Weight (LBS):2800
Max Landing Weight (LBS):2800
Zero Fuel Weight (LBS):1565
Useful Load (LBS):1235
Max Fuel (LBS):504
Max Fuel (Gallons):84
Avail Payload Max Fuel (LBS):731
TO Distance (SL @ ISA) FT:650
Landing Distance (FT):480
Certificated Ceiling:19600
LRC ALT:10000
HSC ALT:6500
Aircraft Broker:Skywagons
Aircraft Category:Airplane
Class:Single-Engine Land
Propulsion Type:Piston
Total Time:1397
Range (NM):804
Seats (Including Crew):6
High Speed Cruise (KTAS):141
HSC Fuel Burn (In GPH):14
Tail Number:N2821K
Serial Number:18053089
Aircraft Location:California
Engine 1 SMOH:109
Painted Year:2015
Exterior Rating:10
Interior Rating:6
Flight Rule Approval:IFR
Sale Type:Sale

Fuel Efficiency Rating

  • MPG: 11.59
  • MPG Per Seat: 69.54

Actual rating will vary based on flight conditions, aircraft features, and pilot operation. Values are for informational purposes only and as such are not intended for navigation or flight planning. Please consult the POH for actual values.

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