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Why Selling Your Airplane Online is the Wave of the Future

79% of American consumers shop online. This represents a massive growth from only two decades ago, where only 22% of people shopped on the internet.  The positive trend is strong, and from all indications, it is here to stay.

At, we have the inside scoop. As a site that has already helped people buy aircraft, we know that buying and selling airplanes online is the future. Keep reading to learn more on how we discovered that the internet is the ultimate strategy to market your aircraft.

Everyone is Looking

In 2017, 1.66 billion consumers made a purchase online. There are currently around 7.6 billion people on Earth. Some quick math reveals that approximately 20% of the population wants to buy something online. This is a massive figure. People around the globe are searching right now. Sometimes, it is only a matter of being found.

You Can Find International Buyers

With the emergence of the [...]