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The Six Worst Mistakes Pilots Make When Flying at Night Title Image

John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of one of the most famous presidents, crashed his plane at night. The FAA noted that there tend to be more crashes during the day, as around 80% of accidents happen while the sun is shining. It is of note, however, that there tend to be more planes in the air during the day.

That being said, when it is dark out, a higher percentage of crashes are fatal. 69.1% of night crashes involve someone passing on, while only 58.6% of daytime crashes are lethal.

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Falling Prey to the Black Hole Effect


The Six Worst Mistakes Pilots Make When Flying at Night Featured Image

When you are preparing to [...]

Best Aerial Views in Europe

There are about 50,000 pilots in the UK alone. Europe has long been an important center of aviation and innovation, and has an impressive legacy, including the first jet.  There are a lot of good places to fly a plane in and around Europe, so it was hard to narrow this list to just six. But as your go-to guys for all things aeronautical, we want to show you some of the best places to fly across the pond.

Bourtange, Netherlands

What could be so special about a sleepy little hamlet with a population of less than 500 people? Well, aside from being tucked into the beautiful Dutch countryside, it’s also home to Fort Bourtange.

Fort Bourtange was built during the Dutch Revolution. It is a star fort, and unlike any other architectural achievements that you have ever seen. While you can see it from the ground, the only way to appreciate it is from [...]

States with the Most Active Flyers

There are 584,362 active pilots in the United States, meaning that there are a whole lot of flyers soaring through the skies. With 24,101,568 square miles of oceanic airspace and 5,282,000 square miles of domestic airspace, it’s easy to see why pilots throughout the nation logged 24,142,000 general aviation flight hours over the past years.

Aside from having some pretty active flyers throughout the United States, aviation also has a fairly active market. Not to mention, buying and selling airplanes online shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Find out where exactly these planes are being flown with our list of the five states with the most active flyers.


Coming in the number one spot is Alaska, with 1.313 pilots per 100 people. When compared with the rest of the United States, Alaska not only has six times as many pilots, but also 16 times as many aircraft.

Part of [...]

The Five Biggest Mistakes Rookie Pilots Make

In a recent analysis of more than 1,000 fatal crashes, pilot error was determined to be the biggest cause of air disasters in the world. There are various poor decisions that pilots can make that end in a crash. Sometimes, a pilot makes one major error that has immediate and obvious effects. Other times, a series of poor choices culminates into a massive problem.

At Aircraft Sales, we want you to have a safe and positive flying experience. Check out our list of mistakes that you should avoid.

A quick pre-flight check

You have bought an airplane, you have your license, and you’re ready to go. The clear blue skies beckon you, and your heart beats with excitement as you imagine the freedom of the air. In a situation like this, people rush through their pre-flight check and take off as soon as possible.

You are going to want to get in the habit [...]

The Five Best Airshows in the United States

The Five Best Airshows in the United States
The Five Best Air Shows in the United States

The Five Best Air Shows in the United States

Airshows have become very common in the United States. Every single year, people flock to hundreds of different air shows all around the country. It was hard to narrow down the best five air shows in the United States, but as a site that has Aircraft for Sale, we wanted to help you out. Check out our rundown below.

#5 Wings over Houston

Wings over Houston has been running for over 30 years, which makes it one of the oldest airshows in the country. Their legacy is easy to see. Houston is Rocket City, and many Space Age era planes are on display.

If you want to see vintage warplanes, Wings over Houston is the place to be. They have numerous WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam [...]