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6 Seat Singles
So, you have outgrown your 4-seat aircraft. More kids, more friends, more stuff—the time has come to look at something larger with six seats. And you are still cost conscious or just have not upgraded to a multi-engine rating. There are four practical candidates in the six-seat single engine market that may provide the solution you are looking for—each with enough individual features to give you real choices. The six-seat class includes the Cessna 206, Piper Six, Beechcraft A36, and the Piper Malibu.
Aircraft ownership can be amazing—there are few other purchases that will shrink time and space like an airplane can. Whether you are looking to go on amazing adventures across the country and beyond, make your business day more productive by reaching clients with speed and ease, look at the world upside down in an aerobatic aircraft, or just go cruising around the patch on a nice spring day, there is an airplane that is right for you.
aircraft insurance Saving Money on an Essential Fixed Cost

Aside from actually buying an aircraft and maintaining it, one of the largest fixed costs you will face in owning private planes, or any aircraft, is the insurance. Insurance isn’t an option—it is a necessity. If you are financing the purchase of a new or used aircraft, there will likely be a minimum amount of insurance that you will have to carry. And while the cost to ensure your aircraft may seem excessive at first blush, it pales in comparison to the cost associated with covering a loss—especially if the loss injures a passenger or damages property on the ground.

Saving Money Buying and Operating a Used Aircraft

Let’s face it—flying isn’t cheap. Not only do you have to buy the airplane you want, but you need to tie it down someplace, put fuel and oil in it, insure it, and maintain it. There are methods available to defray some of the costs of ownership, though; let’s explore some of the ways that you can have the airplane of your dreams and still afford to go fly it!

What Tariffs Could Mean for the Price of Airplanes

What Tariffs Could Mean for the Price of Airplanes

A possible trade war between the United States and China is putting the word “tariff” on everybody’s lips. The US government’s proposed tariffs would, perhaps significantly, increase the prices of imported aluminum and steel. Moreover, retaliatory measures from trading partners like the European Union and China could prove costly for companies, workers, and consumers.

Airplane enthusiasts know that aluminum and steel are critical components of most jets, so it’s only natural to wonder how these changes would affect airplane prices. We can learn more through the high-profile example of The Boeing Company and what tariffs might do to their jets. According to industry analysts and trade experts, it may not be rough in some regards, but could be in others.