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L & L International LTD
L & L International LTD

For Aircraft Sales, Brokerage, Acquisitions, and Consulting

L & L International is built on relationships. Since 1995, we have worked tirelessly to develop relationships with countless aircraft owners, jet brokers, used aircraft dealers, charter service providers and corporate jet manufacturers.  This enables us to supply our clients with private jet charter flights and the most accurate and timely market information available.

Whether you are looking to sell your current aircraft or looking to buy an airplane or newer corporate jet from Gulfsteam, Hawker Beechcraft and more, L & L International will assist you in the process to buy an airplane from start to finish.   We proudly offer these high quality corporate jets from our large and diverse inventory.  Between our overall inventory and the aircrafts we sell on behalf of our clients, we guarantee you will find the best available aircraft and jets for sale within each model category.

If you are looking for a company to help you sell your aircraft look no further than L & L International.  We provide unmatched sophistication in marketing your aircraft and jets for sale, with expertise in Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft or any manufacturer we come across. Beyond traditional media and Web-based listings, our entire team will present your aircraft to brokers, dealers and prospective clients looking to buy an airplane worldwide. We know how to present your aircraft’s unique advantages to the right audience. We’ll position it in the market to sell at the highest possible price within your desired timeframe.  We are able to attract the most reputable and reliable business associates the world over. For our clients, this means having a larger market in which to sell your aircraft.  It is crucial to understand not just US and European aircraft markets, but to take into account the robust markets in Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. That’s why we maintain a network of highly respected aircraft experts on every continent.

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