The Five Best Airshows in the United States

The Five Best Airshows in the United States
The Five Best Air Shows in the United States

The Five Best Air Shows in the United States

Airshows have become very common in the United States. Every single year, people flock to hundreds of different air shows all around the country. It was hard to narrow down the best five air shows in the United States, but as a site that has Aircraft for Sale, we wanted to help you out. Check out our rundown below.

#5 Wings over Houston

Wings over Houston has been running for over 30 years, which makes it one of the oldest airshows in the country. Their legacy is easy to see. Houston is Rocket City, and many Space Age era planes are on display.

If you want to see vintage warplanes, Wings over Houston is the place to be. They have numerous WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam [...]

Cessna CJ4
The Benefits of Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft is always a complicated enterprise, a large turboprop or corporate jet is especially complex.   If you are considering the purchase of a used business aircraft, the monetary cost and time that will be required to manage your expensive asset needs to be considered.   You’ll be faced with a whole set of issues to deal with:

The Paperwork Check

You’ve been planning your used aircraft purchase for a long time, and now you’re standing next to a great looking airplane that seems perfect: It fits your purposes, the price is in within your budget, and that new paint job makes it look great on the ramp. All you need to do now is have a mechanic give the airplane a once over and you can sign the check, right? Not so fast!

Aircraft Engine Essential Knowledge for Buying Used Light Aircraft

If you have been perusing the airplane listings and casting a hungry eye at all of the gorgeous offerings, plenty of things might catch your eye. Paint and interiors that make a good impression are always nice. There are a few that stick out because of they seem to be priced much more reasonably than the other aircraft. But buried somewhere in the ad will be an indication of how much money you are really going to have to put into this airplane: The amount of time that the engine has been run or the number of hours since it was last overhauled.