Tips & Tricks to Make Your Aircraft Listing More Attractive to Buyers

Almost 8 in 10 Americans buy goods online. People purchase items from a very long list, including everything from toilet paper to couches to our personal favorite, airplanes. People want to buy online. That statement leaves little room for doubt. The real question involves sellers. Namely, how can someone effectively sell their plane in the digital realm?

That is where we step in. If you want to sell aircraft it is a good idea to understand what attracts someone to your listing. Keep reading for some useful tips for posting your aircraft on our site.

Take Good Photos

Many of us have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. We would never stick to old platitudes, so we want to show you some hard data to back up that fact. According to MIT researchers, the human brain can process an entire image in as little as 13 milliseconds.  People remember pictures far better than words. We can remember thousands of photos for months and months.

That means you have to have photos, and so does everyone else. What will set you apart is really good photos.

You will want to take nice, clear, and crisp photos of your aircraft. A shaky, out-of-focus, and small photo of your plane is not going to generate a buyer lead. You should only take a photo with your phone’s camera if you can ensure a certain level of quality.

The surrounding of your plane matters quite a bit. Certain lighting arrangements can make your aircraft look better. It may be worth it to take your airplane out of the hangar to get a bit of natural light on it. You also may want to consider not taking the pictures in front of a messy or worn hanger. People are naturally looking to get as much information as possible from these pictures, and you don’t want them to assume a lack of building maintenance means lack of aircraft maintenance.

Try to take photos of the plane from multiple vantage points. You should have a minimum of 6-10 photos. If you have too few, people will assume your trying to hide something. People want to see the aircraft from inside out.

Also, it is an exceptionally poor decision to use stock photos of the plane you are selling. That will just result in a call from our team to make sure you are not trying to do something shady.

One of the reasons that photos are so valuable is because the person who buys your aircraft might have a tenuous grasp on your language. A picture is easily understood, no matter where they come from.

Be Descriptive, But Not Too Descriptive

You need to use your words very effectively in your description. You will want to describe your plane carefully. At the same time, you should understand that people will not want to read a long list of things. Keep it as short and sweet as you can.

One of the ways you can do this is by being as specific as possible. “Good condition” is somewhat vague. “Good condition, some normal wear and tear on fabric,” hits the mark. Don’t go overboard and explain how every scratch and dent came to be, you can do that at the pre-buy if you feel so inclined.

Bullet points and paragraph breaks are a good way to convey a lot of information very quickly. We recommend using them.

Fill In As Many Of The Category And Specifications Fields As You Can

One of the things that set our listings apart is how thorough they are. We have put a lot of energy into making sure it is easy for you to enter all the pertinent info for your plane. This information lets potential buyers do things like search by aircraft per seat fuel economy and aircraft range. If you omit these fields your aircraft will likely miss out on views by potential customers.

Scan And Upload Your Logbooks

When buying an airplane, people want to feel like they can trust the seller. You can start that process off right by being transparent about the condition of your craft. Nothing does this like a nice clean set of logbooks. We find that listings that include logbooks attract more buyers and ultimately sell quicker. It also cuts down significantly on the last minute “negotiations” at pre-buy.

Do Your Research

The internet is a wonderful tool. While we would never recommend plagiarism, it is ok to use other people’s ideas to a certain extent. You can try searching for similar listings. Once you have found a few, see what you like in the listing. Use that information to formulate your own ideas, keeping in mind the points that really drew you in.

You can also use the reviews and specifications tab on our homepage to find information about your plane that you may not have even know. This can be really helpful when you’re trying to fill in all those blanks on the specifications form.

At AircraftSales.US, we want to help you sell your aircraft. If you have any questions about your aircraft listing, contact us today. We are here to help!

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