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Make buying and selling aircraft as enjoyable as flying one. We know the difficulties faced by both buyers and sellers of aircraft, and we want better. To this end we created AircraftSales.US, a site uniquely designed to be better.

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AircraftSales.US has been created by a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about flying. We are pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts who understand the challenges associated with buying and selling used aircraft. The AircraftSales.US staff is dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers in a frictionless environment by applying 21st Century solutions with a global reach that are uniquely focused on aircraft sales.

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Because you just don’t know what you don’t know.

“Awww…you’re doin’ fine, kid.”

As I think back on my career in aviation, some of my fondest memories are from my first job as a line boy at the local airport in South Florida. It was an exciting place to work that was often different day-to-day as new planes and pilots and opportunities presented themselves to me and literally expanded my horizons.

Working the line offered lots of challenges and experiences—driving fuel trucks loaded with thousands of gallons of AVGAS and carefully maneuvering them around millions of dollars of airplanes, towing G-II’s and Falcons out of the executive hangar with inches to spare, changing lightbulbs along the runways, and even being the Fire Rescue crew with a “Squad 51” lookalike firetruck. But by far, the best part of the job was meeting pilots and getting unusual opportunities to fly in a variety of airplanes as they would learn that I was building hours and earning licenses.

The Tortuous Path of Al Mooney’s Vision and Legacy

Let’s face it, being in the aircraft manufacturing business is not always smooth flying! It seems however, Mooney Aircraft has had more than it’s share of ownership changes, bankruptcies, and market downturns to drive away all but the most determined entrepreneurs. Its success is a testament to the aircraft—a design that has captured the imaginations—and pocketbooks—of a special class of aviators. Aviators seeking a fast, comfortable, and distinctive aircraft.

Lancair Aircraft

Lancair demonstrates how an aircraft manufacturer can survive—having a good idea and continuous development of that idea. From the original “Lancer 200,” to the third (or fourth) generation Mako and Barracuda, the core Lancair line has continued to develop and improve on the original aircraft design.

Lancair founder, Lance Neibauer, a successful graphic artist, had grown up around aviation and had learned to fly at an early age. His uncle founded Meyers Aircraft Company which eventually became part of Rockwell International. The operation that would become Lancair, was established by Neibauer in 1981.

Buying a private airplane or rotorcraft can be a difficult challenge, but it shouldn’t be. That’s why we started We have created the ultimate web-based tool that connects aircraft buyers and the sellers of private planes, helicopters, and other used aircraft easier than ever before. Whether you are looking to purchase an aircraft for sale or sell a used airplane, you’ll find free of the usual annoying gimmicks and clutter. Airplane shopping should be clean, fast, and simple—that is exactly what provides. provides intuitive search tools that show buyers the exact aircraft for sale that they are looking for. Users can buy and sell anything that flies on our site—we even offer ultralights and seaplanes for sale. From used jets to helicopters to light single engine aircraft, is the right place to buy and sell private planes of any description.